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  2. You're welcome. I thought they were pretty awesome myself. Thanks to my friend Hank for those. He has posts in the logging forum on Heavyequipmentforums. He knows a LOT about Hayes and Pacific trucks.
  3. Love that B and the vintage logging pics. Thanks for sharing
  4. More from Hank. Apex Industrial Movers. A DM800 and an RD800.
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  6. Got this from my good friend Hank in British Columbia, Canada. He knew the people that ran this truck back in the day on Vancouver Island. He knows and has a lot of history in BC mountain logging and the big fat trucks. It's too nice to not post here. He said it had a 60 ton trailer. We are thinking it is a B87?
  7. What kind of luck did you have with it MackTech? I've often thought about it when spec'ing but I always get mixed opinions. People seem to either love it or hate it. And despite Mack pushing it around here for a while I had a Mack rep at a trade show tell me to stay away from it. He said it puts too much stress on the frame and they had all kinds of cracking issues? On paper I love the idea of it though. Best of everything. With our mandated SPIF laws here our lift axles have to be self equalizing, so air suspension is the easiest and most reliable for this. But with the Air Link you still would have the full articulation of walking beams. And I like how it is fail safe. They say you can run it uninflated if you blow a bag or have an air problem.
  8. Ex Oshkosh M1075 in Abu Daubi with Jeep cab and modified Lonestar for the "help" to run errands in. Maybe it will be a new fad for our soccer moms??
  9. I just started following the forum again KS.....i missed the news.....why did Ford pull out of Brazil? Didn't they always have a huge presence there? I thought that was their biggest heavy truck market.
  10. That looks really good. Is it tri-drive?
  11. Reuters / May 21, 2019 Volkswagen AG truck brand Scania said on Tuesday it will invest 1.4 billion reais (US$344.14 million) to modernize its Brazilian factory in Sao Bernardo do Campo, an industrial city near Sao Paulo. The investment in the historic center of Brazil’s auto industry follows Ford Motor Co’s decision to exit the heavy truck business in South America and shut down its plant in the same city, which could benefit the remaining players in the sector. During the first four months of 2019, sales of Scania heavy trucks increased 31% compared to the same period a year ago, according to data compiled by local automakers association Anfavea. The investment comes at a time when the state of Sao Paulo, which long dominated the Brazilian auto industry, has seen auto companies set up factories elsewhere, lured by tax incentives. Earlier this year, General Motors threatened big cuts in its Sao Paulo factories. That prompted state governor Joao Doria to negotiate aggressively, ending in the launch of a new incentive package for auto makers in the state. GM then decided to invest $2.7 billion to take advantage of the tax program. The new Scania investment will start in 2021 and end in 2024, following its 2016 to 2020 investments, which total 2.6 billion reais, the company said in a joint statement with the Sao Paulo state government. Scania’s latest financial commitment is aimed at overhauling its assembly line, as well as introducing a new generation of trucks in Latin America.
  12. Transport Engineer / May 13, 2019 Waste management and recycling business Biffa has taken delivery of 43 Mercedes-Benz Econic trucks, adding to the 51 already acquired in 2017/18. Supplied by dealer Euro Commercials, 38 of the vehicles are 6x2 Econic 2630L variants with rear-steer axles and Dennis Eagle compactor bodies. Of the remainder, three are 18-tonne Econic 1827L skiploaders and two are 32-tonne 3235L ENA hookloaders, with bodywork by Boughton Engineering. These are Biffa’s first Econic-based skipoaders and hookloaders, and they are on trial in London, where the Econic holds a five-star rating under the Direct Vision standard thanks to its low seating position, panoramic windscreen and fully glazed side door. All new additions are equipped with 7.7-litre, six-cylinder engines, with the RCVs producing 295bhp, while the skiploaders have 269bhp versions and the hookloaders 350bhp. The RCVs have fully automatic six-speed Allison gearboxes ideal for stop-start collection; the skiploaders and hookloaders have 12-speed Mercedes PowerShift 3 transmissions. Colin Bagnall, Biffa fleet project engineer, says: “The Econic is our preferred low-entry RCV chassis… We used to buy 6x4 variants, however to reflect the fact that a much higher proportion of the trade waste we collect is now recycled at our own transfer facilities, rather than being sent to landfill, we switched about three years ago from double-drive to 6x2 rear-steer chassis.” Biffa undertakes the majority of vehicle inspections and maintenance in its own workshops. “Mercedes-Benz Trucks has a strong dealer network, though, and we also rely on its members to undertake warranty work and, from time to time, other assignments,” adds Bagnall. .
  13. Commercial Motor / May 20, 2019 .
  14. Peterbilt Motors Co. Press Release / May 17, 2019 Building upon Peterbilt's tradition of Class, the Blackout Exterior Package will have everyone doing a double take of your Model 579 UltraLoft. The Blackout Exterior Package includes an exclusive black effect exterior paint, Dura-Black aluminum wheels and a black finish crown. .
  15. Functional and cheap, but low build quality and a droopy face only a mother could love.
  16. Freightliner Trucks Press Release / May 21, 2019 .
  17. Well, it only took the Germans more than a year (13 months) from the Econic's official introduction to "finally" get around to trying to sell this cheapened/decontented version for North America (In Europe it's is a solid truck, second only to Dennis Eagle).
  18. Cummins Press Release / May 17, 2019 The new GILLIG Battery Electric Bus, powered by Cummins, is now available! If you’re attending APTA (American Public Transportation Association) in Louisville, find out more and see the electric bus firsthand. Press event with GILLIG and Cummins leaders at 11:30 AM on Monday, May 20. #Cummins #GILLIG .
  19. I have been gone for awhile getting my new truck ready to go !
  20. Petty cash-compared to the fact they are getting all of our commuter rail car business.
  21. The red one at the dealer? Yes those are 12/24 inch rubber. Some day I'll have to dig some of my other ones. I have pics of one of the first DMM tandem tandem mixers to be delivered in my area. That was quite the sight when they first came out.
  22. It should be right next to the stuff you found, sometimes stamped, or numbers made by a center punch, sometimes real light. terry
  23. left side it is froze .my compressor it is doing the cycling Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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