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  2. Watts Mack who owns the site had rockers, doors roof panels and more. Scroll through the 4 pages and you can call Barry and ask about things you don't see. Tell him you are a BMT Member. 1-888-304-MACK (6225) http://www.wattstruckcenter.com/store/index.php?route=product/category&path=60_81&page=1
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  4. Livinlo

    48 Mack EF

    Anyone interested or restoring an E Model? Thanks
  5. What do you want for a “long” ear dog?
  6. Well I ordered new compressor new dryer nee expansion valve took evaporator core out had it pressure checked and clean no holes .. Reinstall everything including orings ac goes down to 34 degrees now .. Plan to do the same with my other 2 rds
  7. They look good on any vocational truck, new or old!
  8. Have you tried calling Akron they have a web site. https://www.akronbrass.com/about-company-info/
  9. I watched a video on replacing Volvo d13/mp8 injector cups. What a hose job Volvo is giving its customers.
  10. Wow that's crazy, I found both sides for it from a guy on here for a very reasonable price. Don't know much about these models or anything old Mack wise but definitely learning a lot with this project!
  11. Nice shape. When I was hauling wood chips the company I hauled for had all Case wheel loaders to load the chips and hog fuel. We all used to load ourselves. I found they were slow, but they had a LOT of pushing power. They would push straight up those hog fuel piles. Then I got working for a company many years ago where I ran 988 and 992 Cat's. Then some days I would have to jump into a big Hough that articulated like your Case. That would throw you right off for a while until you got used to it, LOL.
  12. Bump/update: I've searched extensively online for rebuild kits or parts breakdowns on these style valves, and have come up empty, as the only style I can find are for swing-out valves. It appears to me that the seats on these valves are brass? Are there any special tricks to getting them out? They are all tight in the valve bodies, and I don't want to damage anything trying to get them out.
  13. I believe it is still there, I'll have to look next time I'm at the truck.
  14. Panels are still available? I would not have thought that considering Mack doesn't stock any motor parts any more. I saw my old R model a couple weeks ago. Pretty sad sight. cab is rotten, motor has been replaced and is shot, they even put mufflers on it!!!
  15. I have what I believe to be 1985-88 65k rears that I am doing the brakes. My question is.... Any one familiar with the hub torque spec. It had the single clamp nut see pictures.
  16. I am a daily visitor to your website, we have very similar taste in trucks.
  17. Not really enough info in this topic here to give a good answer ! Do you have blo by puffing out the fill tube or vent while running! Is the engine firing on all cylinders ! when you changed the head which ports were wet maybe you have a bad injector! give us a few more clues may be able assist you better!
  18. Probably same way this unit us completely rust free. We have owned it for decades, and all it does is load our concrete trucks, and clear the snow around the property.
  19. Also has the real old fuel tank bracket and strap. terry
  20. Check for air in fuel White smoke means air in fuel Blue smoke means oil Paul
  21. Hmm... About no rain for nearly a month overhere.. What is the condition of the frame rails?
  22. The head gasket is good and I did put new head gasket too but there is oil leaking from the turbo tho
  23. That's a Homemade gadget Kevin. Still impressive though.. I believe It's still about & gets to a few Shows in W.A.
  24. White smoke is usually antifreeze. Is your head gasket bad? Was it torqued down in the right sequence?
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