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  2. Helo my fellow Mack Daddys Instead of starting a new thread figured I'd ask here since truck info is already available. 1. Does anybody know the correct friggin part number for muffler on my truck? All the mufflers for the RB that I come across have the inlet coming into the base of muffler, however my truck and most the R Dumps have the exact same setup with the inlet coming into the side and the outlet is a touch off centered towards cab I believe...also 2. the mid pipe which is now flex broke off. Do you reccomend re doing it with flex or buying the proper pipe. I'm exhausted by this 3. Where do you folks suggest adding air system antifreeze for preventative maintenance? I have an upper and lower tank on each side, I put a Litre in each top tank. I drained the remaining fluid out 3 day after which was 2 weeks ago, was told to not drain it out?? Had a freeze up on Monday. Suggestions on one or all topics greatly appreciated! Sent from my SM-G930W8 using Tapatalk
  3. I primarily work on industrial projects. It’s amazing that a tractor and trailer can fit through the space I left open but the new fancy car can’t. For residential projects I hate working in rich areas because of the people’s entitled attitude. I prefer working in middle class areas
  4. Yes the boot is sealing to the hood. Besides the pump code when it's cold out I still have the 9-5 code for compressor discharge temp. And 3-1 code for exhaust gas temp. As well as codes for front and rear drive axle temp, obviously not concerned about those codes. As nice as it would be to get rid of these codes I dont think they are the problem here due to the fact that they have all been active for 2 years prior to this problem.
  5. Seen a lot of "well off" people with little respect or any manners. The general attitude for clearing their trash is "that's what the help is paid for" or as my "entitled liberal daughter in law" stated "I don't do manual labor like clearing the table off". So last time they came over when Gail was alive she insisted that we don't give her any dishes or utensils. . . just a few wet naps. Wife had a bit of a sarcastic streak worse than mine.
  6. got a assembly on Ebay tonight. need to source one more.. i also got set up on pai... great to see so many aftermarket parts available since Volvo is of little help these days
  7. Similar to how they still had L parts left over when B production was over, so some Bs got L cabs... my favorite editions of the Bs, and possibly my favorite Macks in general...
  8. Everyone hates people that don’t follow along with the rest of us....... someone else has to pickup after them that usually has other obligations..... bob
  9. That’s scary......hate to see people’s things get ruined... bob
  10. I heard they had so many B model parts on hand they decided to run the assembly line one more year...bob
  11. There’s nothing wrong with a good old fashioned electric block heater but when finding an outlet becomes an issue and or extreme cold is in the forecast and you know you have to run in it nothing beats a diesel fired heater that has your engine at 150 degrees for you when you jump in the truck
  12. That explains why your hood looks like it is setup for the fixed cab The passenger side channel is for the fixed cab, I actually need one of those You will need two of the channels and two spacers
  13. Truck is an FLC series with setback front axle. Don't really know much about that brand myself but they've removed quite a bit of the items that will be in the way, or to be salvaged for reuse later on other trucks. They were supposed to remove the polished fuel tanks from the donor this afternoon but I don't know if that got done or not. No power in the field where that chassis is stored and it was a busy day for all parties. I looked at the receiver truck and decided where I'm going to slice it and we'll make the donor the same length to reuse the existing driveline to save a few $$$. Wanting to actually have the donor cut on site before splitting the receiver apart because once I start, I won't stop till it's back together.
  14. So I call my Mack dealer and my oil pan is unavailable. They can't get them anywhere. The price would have been $1900...OUCH I'll take a stainless steel one for $1600.
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  16. #Autocar custom engineers trucks for all sorts of demanding vocations. Check out this #ACMD paint striper. Learn how your heavy-duty fleet can benefit from more #uptime & #ROI: https://lnkd.in/eR-i8hv #AlwaysUp #itsallabouttheuptime #AutocarSolutions
  17. THANK YOU to each of you that responded. I appreciate the quick response.
  18. hicrop10

    My Mom

    I do remember the Mercedes and the f model.
  19. I have dark skin because I don't sit in a office and I wear shorts everyday at work until I need to go some place that has people that cannot control themselves when I show up with my nice sexy tanned legs, so I could have been referring to a white person when I said tanned dark pigment, I know plenty of white people that are not pasty white, and as for Rudy's not many trashy people go there because it is not the cheapest place in town to get something to eat, therefore the customer base appears to be shall we say more affluent, gotta have money to eat good food other wise you go to Wendy's, so these life forms have had to have some money or they would have to just watch us eat but they ate and then left their garbage, so what it gets down to is instead of defending piss poor behavior one should agree that they the offender should clean up their act and then people like me would have nothing to say . Amen
  20. I gotta find out how much a plane ticket is to Minneapolis, that thing is beautiful
  21. Well, I ended up pulling the cups, didn't see anything so went on and pulled the head, sent it out to be checked. It all checked ok. Put it back together, same problem! Turns out you can't eliminate the air compressor the way I've always done with older (real) macks. I removed the main air line from the compressor and problem goes away. Shoot air into the compressor at main air line and have bubbles in the coolant tank Air compressor replacement time, yay!
  22. Ufff, never even thought about that. Thanks for pointing out.
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