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  2. I don't know if its "the right way", but when I split down, I slide it to neutral, split down, double clutch it back into gear. It is way smoother. A lot of times, you can just downshift by whole gears.
  3. Kind of what I was thinking. Seems to me that a Cummins in a 3208 cab might be a problem. But a 6v92. In a 6-71 should work ok. And Detroit to Detroit might help too. Now all I need Todd is find a good complete one not too far away. Oh yeah cheap too
  4. forgot to mention that i did get some stick time today and this was the sequence inwas using while down splitting. foot on throttle and hit button down to split at1500 rpms, let off throttle and let split engage and quickly get back on throttle. it seemed to work but is this bad practice? ive tried splitting down while off of throttle, hitting the button down, then hitting the throttle again as fast as i can and it kinda sounds like its grinding and makes a sound that to me doesn’t seem right. doesnt sound very smooth.
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  6. 1600 was just an example and thanks for clarifying thats to high to down split. but in that case, 1600 rpms, foot off throttle, hit the button down, then hit the throttle right after split? is that right? if so, what should the split shift sound like? under normal driving conditions while loaded, on/off highway for example, what rpms should split shifts be made in general..up and down? glad i found this site. a lot off good info on here. i did read about mackr1989’s problems and my issue seems to be the way im shifting, not a problem with the transmission. but i did notice that when i ran the split test while the truck is at full air pressure and not running, the splitter doesnt always actuate quickly splitting down. sometimes it’s immediate, sometimes its delayed, sometimes it doesnt seem to move at all. i hear an air sound and knock which i assume is normal when it does work immediately or delayed. what does the delay or no apparent response mean?
  7. OK. There is a slightly larger VIN tag that I had forgotten about. The one I have unfortunately has been painted over in a handsome shade of dark green. Top left box is the model EEU and the box on the right is the chassis number EEU1S 1641. The HP box and the weight boxes are not stamped. The vertical holes are 2 5/8" on center and the horizontal mounting holes are 5 5/8" on center. The overall tag is 3 X 6 inches. Probably should break out the paint stripper...
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  9. I was able to scan an old set of negatives which show some of the trucks details before it went off to the prison paint shop ~20 years ago. unfortunately the quality is not good enough to see the details, but the tag loos somewhat different that the examples posted here unfortunately. and there is a smaller second tag of some kind next to the main one. oh well, I don't think ill be subjected to a highway patrol inspection during the annual parade ha ha.
  10. Daimler Trucks North America President and CEO Roger Nielsen recently sat down with HDT to discuss the future of electric trucks in the industry and why it is the end game that everyone is pushing towards. View the full article
  11. A shot of Green Loctite couldn’t hurt.
  12. Allison Transmission unveiled an electrified e-axle system for medium-and heavy-duty trucks, a fully integrated electric powertrain system being tested in a Peterbilt Model 579. View the full article
  13. 35 years ago a friend was getting into paving and was looking for used equipment to save a little money. i knew one of the local contractors was selling a roller and a few trucks, so i took Al to see him. when he said 10 grand for the 1958 Galion 6 ton rollomatic roller, i knew he was having a bad day and said see ya later. he was normally a nice guy, but for some reason he would not sell that damn roller. for about 5 years whenever we asked about it he said "10 grand. take it or leave it. i got it , you want it. pay my price or get out" in 1990 he died, and later that year they held an auction. we bought that roller, a 1980 F350, 1989 eager beaver 10 ton tag along trailer and a 1980 Autocar tandem dump for $4,500. at the end of the auction when we were paying, his daughter came up to us and told us she was glad we got the roller and trucks, because if we did not buy them they most likely would have gone to the scrap yard. we later found out the F350 and dump trucks both had brand new engines in them. the 350 blew the engine due to lack of oil and only had 500 miles on the engine, truck only had 22,000 miles on it. autocar had a brand new 390 cummins in it. the truck was hit the year before and the car cracked the block when it hit the front axle. new front axle and engine, then it was never put back on the road, but used to empty the asphalt plant. 125 miles on the engine, and 94,000 miles on the truck all were still in use when Al died from a heart attack last year.
  14. The Department of Justice announced on April 25 that Celadon Group, Inc. has agreed to pay $42.2 million in restitution for filing materially false and misleading statements to investors and falsifying books, records, and accounts. View the full article
  15. Economist Jim Meil says a further drag on trailer production and sales will come from California when new regulations from the California Air Resource Board targeting heavy-duty truck trailers come into effect next year. View the full article
  16. That Pete isn't for sale unless as the owner said "I get a zillion bucks for it". The 5000 price you saw mentioned was for a one piece glass mack nose.
  17. ok finally was able to press pin out with a mini 2 ton bottle jack, the new pin i was able to push right in almost by hand is that normal? I put some retaining lock tite on it just was wondering? i used a mini 8oz hammer to tap it flush with engine block
  18. I went to see that movie when I was 11 or 12 with a friend and his family. It did make us jump. even back then that scene with the truck hitting the kid gave me chills..
  19. The company formerly known as Thor Trucks has rebranded itself as Xos Trucks. View the full article
  20. I know where an original Matlack single screw B-61 truck with a short single axle fuel wagon is. It’s for sale and in mint condition. Can send pics to email if you want them.
  21. For many years we used the primer pump and removed the delivery valve spring.Most of us that worked on mack had a extra primer pump to use with those that did not have one.I have not used the electric pump to upseat the valve but I read in a mack manual one time that it was a 400 psi pump.I have used the air to time but to me its much easy to use the primer pump but ant saying its better.I never liked advancing the timing more that 2 degrees.
  22. Pump timing is nothing to play with and think it is right. I admit I do advance the timing a few degrees in my stuff but after that it can lead to big problems. This guy had the timing way off and the truck ran like a wild dog for a short time but putting a hole in a piston with just timing, it must have been a whole lot?? Know piston failure can be done with more fuel and added timing to it. Just for my education, I learn from BMT also.
  23. This truck uses the EZ Track hydraulic system to achieve all wheel drive. There are hydraulic hub motors in each wheel driven by a hydraulic pump off the PTO.
  24. Joey2374

    Mack regen

    Im looking into buying a 2009 mack mr rear load garbage truck. Wanted to know if 2009 had same issues as 2008 regen idling issue. Thanks
  25. Had a road call for a guy who need me to time a pump he installed. The port closure was screwing up and machine wasn't doing it for me. Called my shops "Mack old timer" and stepped through it again with him, having done it myself a dozen times. I was doing it right, but something was wrong with either my side or the pump side. Told customer you need to let us return tomorrow morning to complete this once we figure out what's going on. He was the shop's mechanic, he was watching me the whole time. Next morning he called and said "don't come, I got it going, runs great". I asked what he did. He said "I got it set using the priming pump". Two weeks later I was replacing his piston that had a hole burned through it. He made the situation much worse. Make sure you get it right.
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