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  1. Sad part is almost every dealer I just tried to spec a Granite at tried their best to talk me out of Mack trans, rears and rear suspension.
  2. Thanks for starting the thread on them. Brought back memories. if you search you will find a lot more info here. And also on the big Mack CL350ST's. http://www.heavyequipmentforums.com/forumdisplay.php?91-Forestry-Equipment&s=47baa4ea3fb4b383aecc4406cc672248
  3. You're welcome. They were a really impressive design.
  4. John sent me these in 1995.
  5. I've spoke to John back then a few times. Very nice person. It's too bad things didn't work out better for him with more sales. Next time I dig into my collection I'll post the pics John sent me of the dump trucks right after they were built.
  6. It could come down to our dealers too Mackpro, as my area seems to have the worst anywhere I have ever dealt. But my area sources parts from the Cummins distribution centres in Thunder Bay, Mississaugua and Montreal and they all seem to always have stuff on back order. And I still can't figure out why Cummins emission equipment replacement prices are SO much more than Detroit. Everyone has products that fail, but you know how that goes.....when you keep getting stung it's hard to put your faith back in them again. At some point you try to stop the bleeding.
  7. I wouldn't touch anything with a Cummins unless that new one far more reliable than the current ISX. My buddies MP10's will walk all over tuned ISX600's. And every time ours goes down, Cummins has no parts and everything is on back order. And just had to replace the SCR catalyst. $6800. Yet I can get the SCR and DPF for my Detroit for $1600 for both???? Won't be any more red in our yard.
  8. What are you all complaining about. Pretty soon you won't be driving at all. They will all be autonomous. I don't care what they do with new trucks, because they aren't trucks to me anymore anyway. They are ALL JUNK. That's why you should keep enjoying the old Mack's. They were the last of the real trucks and you will never have them back. Ever.
  9. Yes, they were a very well built truck made for logging and mining. There were two dump trucks built, the rest all loggers. But unfortunately they came to the game right at the end of the big fat trucks being used for BC logging. So the company was sold. They could be had with any engine, but they loved the power to fuel efficiency of the Mack V8. The power train was also sub frame mounted and slid right out. Was a really good design.
  10. Can't answer your question, but I have driven many mid to late 80 R Models with Mack 12 speeds behind the E6. So yes, it was done.
  11. After seeing these numbers I'm wondering how I ever pulled 140,000 pounds up and down constant 8,10 and 12% hills here for all those years, with my little E6 350. We even did a test on a 300 mile trip. And the E6 350 took less than 30 minutes more compared to a C15 475/1850. This one is an 88, 4 valve and the odo has rolled over zero twice.
  12. DD Detroit doesn't have the grunt? Yours must be sick because mine is the closest thing you can get to a C15 Cat power wise.....and I also have an ISX600. The DD16 600 2050 torque pulls like crazy. And so does the MP10 605. I never did understand the issue of putting a bunk on the Titan. And how they talk about having to "engineer" it. Local dealer around here have put all kinds of Pinnacle 60 in mid rise bunks on Titans. They just get the subframe and air ride for the Pinnacle and bolt it all in.
  13. What's even sadder is Titan or not, Mack is already no competition in the severe service market. http://www.westernstartrucks.com/Trucks/XD/
  14. Still I've yet to see any official announcement of anything getting dropped. I've only seen the same press releases that Kscarbel2 has posted.
  15. Wow, funny how they parked all of those in the exact same spot for pictures? Those marketing guys are good.