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Grandfathers 1968 R615ST


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3 hours ago, tjc transport said:

i know that truck, the company, and probably know where the other 49 trucks are too.  🤫

Well it does have New Jersey colors,blue cab,red undercarriage…


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I have heard of blokes running as low as 55 psi in drive tyres on trucks going that are only hobbie type of trucks 


Smooths the ride out to know end  apparently 

Steer tyres look a lot bigger diameter than the drive, might a optical illusion 

No matter this the story of the week for the forum, very very cool story indeed 


Well done on getting the truck back in the family 




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Interesting story and interesting truck. Pretty sure a short nose (600 series) R with a V8 is a rare beast. Even haven't kept in my mind such ones were ever produced. Congratulations on the successfull repurchase :thumb:


Никогда не бывает слишком много грузовиков! leversole 11.2012

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Thought I’d also brag I used to change all thier tires on R model V8s back when I was only 17 worked in the only truck tire service shop in the area all I ever seen back then was split rim tube type… so technically I actually worked on them lol.. Bob

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