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  1. Anybody have any gas engine flywheels that they could check the casing number? So far nothing is showing up on diesel flywheels.
  2. If you would care to click on B Model Registry tab on this site and register this engine. There are over 2300 Bs registered from 5 countries. Costs nothing. Fuzzy Buzzard said that
  3. Looks about as good as the old sled I ride!!
  4. Give me advance notice on test run and I'll ride the old Draggin Wagon up and run interference for you. Fuzzy Buzzard said that
  5. Number on front side of flywheel - 530GB4167A. Everybody look under beds and thru junk in shop and see if you can come up with this number please! Thanks
  6. I have seen a rim or two that I could not get lined up no matter what I did. And I think they were tube type rims. Always wondered if it was possible to warp a rim by letting a brain dead rookie put it on.
  7. A friend is having hard time finding a flywheel for a late 1980 EM6-285R engine in a B Model. This flywheel is a pocket style for 15" single disc push clutch. When flywheel is laid front side down on flat surface, starter ring gear touches the flat surface - very different than 673s used in B Models. Any help would be appreciated.
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