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Common reason a RM6866 wont start

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I don't have any specific's, but would like to know if there is any known common faults causing the EM6-285 td in a military rm6866 not to start?

There are a couple on auction that don't start, but that's all they will tell you.   These trucks don't seem to have many miles on them so I'm thinking its more to do with being 40 years old?

Also, say it needs a fuel pump or something, where's a good start to look for these old R series bits?


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Transfer pump should be no problem to get.  Two bolts and a couple lines to get it off. 

Does it have a primer pump on it?  The two plastic check valves could be stuck on it from sitting.  Easy to unscrew the pump and clean things up.

Like Toms says...pretty simple to diagnose.




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On 1/5/2023 at 9:57 AM, Lozzatron said:

The problem was a couple for fuel leaks, one under the cab in a fitting in the main fuel line and another on the injector return.  Fuel was draining back and it was taking about 5 attempts to start.  Runs great now.

Glad to hear that @Lozzatron. Now we need some more photos!

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This gives you a good reason to take a trip Down Under!!!! Between this website::   https://www.hcvc.com.au/forum and Stephanie Vanatta, who built the ATHS Down Under Tour in 2015, we can build you a trip with many antique truck museums and people on it. Send me an email and I will send you her email contact.You have to schedule it for August 2025 to attend the big Australian National Show in Alice Springs..

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