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Mack use of the term liner

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Maybe you can't copyright just part of a word/name?Ā 

Like "ing".Ā  Many words use those letters so it would be difficult to get a copyright.Ā  So "liner" would like fall in that category.

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Oceanliner, airliner, jetliner, streamliner


I guess the list goes on, it's a bit like the famous "blinking eye" court case in the US when Ford stole the intermittent wiper system that Robety KearnsĀ inventedĀ 

Ford claimed he didn't own the invention of the components so it didn't belong to KearnsĀ 

Kearns argued that they were correct but he owned the arrangement of the components that allowed the intermittent wiper system to operateĀ 

Kearns won the case, mind you it cost him everything, money family house the lot, anyway I'm getting off topic hereĀ 


But using that thought process Freightliner doesn't own the letters but rather the arrangement as a whole and since Mack only used some of those letters Freightliner wouldn't have a caseĀ 



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15 hours ago, james j neiweem said:

Just curious as to how Mack was able to use the term liner as in Superliner, Cruiseliner and Valueliner when Freightliner already was using the designation. I guess it wasn't copy righted.šŸ¤«

I'm just sort of curiously ignorant to this point of view but on the same topic. How could Mack use Super, Cruise, Ultra and Value to begin with. These words have been used millions of time before. Then add liner to make a new word. There is no issue with creating a new word and not subject to Copyrights. No one has claim to any word or portion of. How about dyne as in Thermodyne, Maxidyne, Econodyne? On the same train of thought, would there be an issue with dyne? Then add Therm, Maxi, Econo?Ā Ā 

Amtrak started the Superliner in 1979 even though Mack used Superliner first in 1977.

A copyright isĀ a collection of rights that automatically vest to someone who creates an original workĀ of authorship like a literary work, song, movie or software. These rights include the right to reproduce the work, to prepare derivative works, to distribute copies, and to perform and display the work publicly.

Not arguing but meant to inform


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