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What's Going on Here?

other dog

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Have seen this exact guy.. or at least very similar account on another truck group on facebook in last few days, posting links to t-shirts for sale using what appears to be stolen assets (so many scam websites doing that these days, usually automated via bots to 'steal' the images) was more noticeable as its a UK based group but was posting links to shirts obviously targeted at US folk.

I imagine someones account got compromised as the group in question vets people joining to try and stop spammers

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They already caused me to retire from trucking. I'm scared to just drive on the road up here now. Can't go anywhere without a highway closure, wreck, or meeting them on your side of the yellow line.

But with this new M.E.L.T. law I can't train my kid (with 36 years conviction free class AZ experience), but they can come drive for 6 months at a time on their home license and can't speak or read english road signs?????????????????

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And that's why the MTO/DOT ignore all these issues. Now that I have retired from trucking I got a job in a mine and I sometimes have to unload transports with the forks on my wheel loader. I recently unloaded a transport that came in with 4 big steel ventilation fan housings that took up whole trailer.

The tractor had all bald tires, and the doors held shut with bungee cords. The big housing at rear of trailer had ONE strap on it that was dragging on ground because it sawed through. The middle two had ONE strap each over them. (A lot of good one strap does on a round object) And the front had NO securement at all!!!!

I sent pics to my local MP and the head of the MTO (DOT). Know what the repsonse was? "Yes, this is an unfortunate situation." End of conversation.

But don't any of you veterans of the road get caught with a marker light out!!!!!!!


And the other day one got pulled into the scales (I know inspection officers.) They asked for his license. He pulled out a hand written piece of paper from his boss. They told him that is not a license. He says "boss tell me that good. good good....you go....you drive ....good."


No, I'm not a racist. Just bringing reality to light. Anyone that operates like that does not need to be on our highways.

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agreed 1000%

and those are the people that are making our roads deathtraps, and making truckers look bad. 

they wreck and kill someone, oh well, they just skip and go somewhere else. 

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when you are up to your armpits in alligators,

it is hard to remember you only came in to drain the swamp..

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