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What B Model years had Red Frames?

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I am thinking about frame colors.  I have purchased the body paint and will be going "Classic" Candy Apple Red Cab, Hood and Grill Shell.  The Fenders and Headlight surrounds will be Black.  I was originally thinking Black frame, but I guess that frames came Factory red for certain years.   

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Typically, the frames were the same color as the cab, into the early 60’s. You could order a different color fame and cab, also. In the early 60’s they went to black fames and colored cabs. I have a ‘60 that’s red on red and a ‘63 that’s green on black. Not to say you couldn’t order a different combination to match your fleet or preferences, though.

Someone may have more specific info here, but that’s what I’ve seen.

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I think every B- and R-model any of the local crews had when I was a young'un had black frames.  I saw others out on the road that had colored frames.  But, to the best of my recollection, all the ones I was around had black frames.  Not sure if any of the B's were older than 1960.  But, I would suspect at least a couple of them were.

Most of the B-model cabs we saw at home were red, yellow, or yellow with black fenders.  I don't remember a single one of those having a chrome grille surround.  First time I saw one of those I was blown away.  Really set the front off.

I guess they would sell you whatever you were willing to pay for!

Nice thing is, what ever you decide will be great.  If you want it body color, do it!  If you want it black, do it!  The little dog on the hood is what makes the truck anyway!

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Personal preference thing but I always liked red frames and running gear under the B series. My 1962 B-673 is/was green with all underpinnings green, but prior to blasting the hubs/drums clean, these appeared to be black originally. Everything will be red with the sheet metal being green with black fenders one of these days.

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