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Anthem in Australia

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Well it looks like it has finally happened 

The new Anthem is Australianized for Australia 

Gone are the poxy mirrors, a heap of the plastic farings and crap along the sides and has been replaced by square fuel tanks 

No doubt a whole lot more like the steering wheel on the correct side 


Trident has been up graded and it appears to be available with the stand up sleeper

Anyway read about it bellow


Are you interested in seeing what all the fuss is about??
Do you want to come see the all new styled Mack range including the Mack Anthem and updated Mack Trident and Superliner? Do you want to take one for a test drive? They will be loaded and ready to show you how they preform.
These new range of Mack’s will be at VCV Newcastle on Thursday the 4th of February from midday til Friday midday.
Want to know more?
Shoot the VCV page a message and myself or Brandon will do their best to answer your questions.
There will be a few reminder posts as we know you are all busy people.
Mack Trucks Australia







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The arrival of the Anthem in Australia coincides with the launch of the new HD and XHD versions of the mDrive AMT - I was talking to one of the sales reps at VCV Newcastle on Facebook and the HD/XHD mDrives are equipped with low crawler ratios (one on the HD and two on the XHD). The Superliner and Titan will be the best equipped trucks for heavy haul and heavy roadtrain work with the HD and XHD mDrives

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