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Parts cleaning

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A while back I took the engine outside and steamed it off. I've been taking parts off of it to replace all the gaskets and seals (I got upper and lower gasket kits from Watts); I'm also getting the fuel system gone through and replacing the water pump, compressor, and clutch. Today I steamed the pan, front cover, flywheel housing, and flywheel. Running the steamer is a nasty job but it sure gets things clean.





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On 11/15/2020 at 5:27 AM, h67st said:

Running the steamer is a nasty job but it sure gets things clean.

Depending on what you relate it to:)



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I got to enjoy putting the rear crank seal in today...I've never done one of these lead wire things. The manual says to use a wood dowel to roll the wire into the groove, lotsa luck with that! I ended up using a big wrist pin to force the thing down into the groove. Hopefully it doesn't leak.



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Yesterday I went to install the front pulley hub. I bought a 12" piece of 7/8" all-thread from McMaster-Carr for $5.00 to press it on with (worked great). However, I should have read the repair manual before I put the front cover on--turns out you're supposed to use a special collar to line up the cover with the crank. I took the cover loose and eyeballed it to get it centered, we'll see how accurate my eyes are. I wish Mack would have doweled it at the factory like they do the flywheel housing.


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7 hours ago, Vladislav said:

Don't you have the front engine mount attached onto the front cover cranck seal extension? My Lanova doesn't allow to install the mounting brace when the pulley is on.

On mine, the front mount bracket is split with 2 bolts holding it together so you can set the engine in it.

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