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673 Parts Needed

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I'm going to need a full gasket set (not head gaskets, but everything else); does anyone know where to get one? I was hoping to get a decent price (I know, good luck). Also need a water pump and air compressor, I can get these rebuilt but just checking to see if you have any sources for new/rebuilt ones.

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I'd have to look to see if I kept the part number from the gasket kit for my 237 when I pulled the heads off.  It was a complete kit and everything from the heads down should be the same.  I got it off Ebay, it was a Felpro kit.


I had my air compressor rebuilt about 17 yrs ago at a place in Southern Ohio(of rt 36).  Not sure they are still around.  It was $500, but I had it back in 3 days.

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PAI supplys the most of gaskets for E6 2V and those are similar to END673 in many cases excepting the head gaskets which utilize steel fire rings. 673 water pump also crosses to many (or the most) later Mack pumps differing in possible locations of small fittings. I suppose the original END673 pump had graphite seal ring but later desings have modern rubber shaft seal. The latter is also avalible from PAI and other suppliers so you could find a used E6 water pump assembly and rebuild it using such seal and greasing the bearings. That's what I'm going to do with my R-model E6-350 pump.

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My truck has a Tu-Flo 500, I googled the part number (227326) from the tag and found highwayandheavyparts.com had one reman for $480 plus core charge so I bought it. I found one at a Mack dealer also, believe it's a new one but they wanted $1,000 for it. I got the gaskets from Barry and a water pump from John Chalmers.


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