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Marker lights

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A friend sold me some KD517 lights; I found that 3 of them had a different kind of base that's more flat so they will fit on my H model and other cabs that aren't as curved as the B model roof. I need to get 2 more of these bases, if anyone knows where I can get 2 please let me know.



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I could use a few better bases.  Mine are rotted and one doesn't have anything to hold the screw for the cover.  I've had it siliconed on for nearly 2 decades now!

Mine look like Matts, not the newer reverse flipped edge.

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Thanks Matt! I have bases like yours...these new bases are much flatter. The old ones will work but as you can see in these pictures, the chrome top piece leaves a big gap in the middle since my cab is not as curved as a B model. I can make the old ones work but if I can find 2 of the correct bases I will have all 5.



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My lights were crap and I spent some time researching the lights different places sell for my b model and got on the grotte site and found the same lights for a lot less money they look close enough for me I'm probably somewhat less fussy about oem parts on my truck but the new lights looked like the ones that was on the truck.  

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Check out these guys.  They have at least SOME of the ones that match up with factory stuff.  The bullets they have matched up with the ones on my old R.

EMTS parts used to have some also, but they don't appear to have too much any more.

Not sure if any of this will help, but it's all I've got!



Also check out this conversation from a few years back...



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I found a couple of NOS markers that are identical to KD517s but sold under Napa brand name. They have rubber bases that are almost flat on the bottom to fit the L and H cab but take the regular 517 lens and cover. I'd rather have the metal bases but if I don't find any then I'll use these.


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