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1955 LTL


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There is a lot to work with there. If I didn't have one it would be mine. New wheels and tires on it are about half the asking price.

If someone here gets it I got two fenders that are perfect to go on it in primer. Had then for my LTL but I have a really good set on it now.

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9 hours ago, harley-jm said:

I am further away but it is the project I have been looking for so I am purchasing it. Not sure if it will fit in my hand luggage back to UK LOL!  AZB755v8 I am interested in your wings, PM’ed you.



Just drive it home the longway 

Thru Canada, Alaska, Russia then across Europe and the Channel 


Batta Bing Batta Boom, simples and one heck if a adventure to boot 

Say Gudday to Vlad on the way



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