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Anybody Recognize This Bracket?

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Picked this up with a few other B Mack parts. The number on it ( 101-60548-1 ) isnt a Mack number and a google search didnt come up with anything. The elongated holes match those in the crossmember but that's not surprising with their shape. Any ideas? Thanks in advance.


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I should've put something in the picture for scale. The flat with the slots is about 12" long and the small protrusion is about 2.5" wide. I was going to bend the small protrusion in line with the other step and mount the trailer valve to it if it's not a bracket that is highly desirable. Heck, I'm not sure if it's even a Mack part.


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Son of a gun! Mystery solved! Thanks JBushneck. I wasn't convinced that it was a Mack part, and now I really dont feel bad about making it into something else. I used a different bracket to attach the trailer valve but will now be modifying this bracket as it will work and look better. Thanks again JBushneck!

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