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Driving an 8x8 Scania G 500 XT with 24 tonnes of marble on steep mountain roads in Carrara, Italy


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Scania Group Press Release  /  December 12, 2019

Andrea Landi spends his days behind the wheel of an all-wheel-drive Scania G 500 XT, driving up and down the steep gravel roads to and from the marble quarries in Carrara, Italy.

Carrara is well known for the quality of its marble, which has been a source of wealth since the Roman era. Though the work has become considerably safer in recent decades, truck drivers like Andrea still rely on considerable experience, tough equipment and knowledge passed down through the generations.



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Impressive video, definitely working on some steep, narrow real estate. I’m surprised that he only has one strap on that piece of marble. 

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gr8 video KMan

he's do n it right

drive as tho the load aint constrained ( din look like much restraint go n on anyway )

they need to run a grader blade along th@ track to make it more user friendly... specially on corners

din look good th@ your Scania product couldn't keep the front wheels on the ground

may B thru bad oscillation in the front suspension


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Probably no Loadsharing Suspension on the Front Swish.. ( I suppose I could look it up or Google It) Also i would've had the Block a good 18" to 2' further Forward..... But what would I know..

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