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Exhust system for CX613

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Need to replace the whole exhaust system on our 2004 CX613 with a full sleeper , single exhaust . Any good after market out there ? Dealer best or start with generic pipe and bends ? Looked on line but pictures and numbers don’t match up ? Dealer not sure after checking serial number and close to $2000  . No one has on hand and if order wrong we own.

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Your better off taking it to a shop and having them build an exhaust system  even at shop rate it will be much cheaper! I would estimate maybe 600 to eight hundred bucks at the high end! also if they quoted you  in chrome and there was no stock check to see if there is stock on the non chrome version! Also is the muffler mounted beneath the truck? that will be the only wild card!

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I'll tell you my story and you can go from there.  

I have a 98 CH.  Bought it as a day cab and has dual exhaust (turbo pipe to a flex pipe to a "T" off one leg (passenger side) a flex pipe, 90 degree elbow then the muffler.  Off the other leg of the "T" is a flex pipe (past the shifter) then a solid pipe with the elbow then muffler.

I've had the truck 13 years now.  Replaced the whole system a few years ago.  Chicago winters are not good to her.  Two months ago the system is rotted out and now split at the "T".  Can not find dual exhaust parts exactly what I need.  I go to the dealer but I have a problem.  Truck came from the factory with single exhaust and a sleeper.  They can't help ( not yet anyway).  Take my rotted system (its in my trunk now) to the local Fleetpride and lay it out on the floor in front of the parts counter.  After 20 minutes the parts guy says "I dont know."  They got $hit for Kenworth Petes Etc.  My mechanic goes to a "Mack" dealer and talks to a Volvo guy.  That guy tells him about $3,000 to put a system together.  I said forget it.  We'll convert it back to single.  Again, my VIN won't match up for a day cab exhaust.  So I call my regular Mack dealership and talk to my parts girl.  She was able to make the conversion in piping for a day cab using my sleeper cab VIN.  Parts were about $350.  It was 1 flex pipe, 2 band clamps and 2 "U" clamps to hold the piping to the existing brackets, and the solid pipe with elbow.  All 5 inch.

My advice would be dont F&^% around with finding someone to bend pipes for you.  Take your VIN back to the dealership and talk to another parts guy. 

Sorry the story got long

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It perplexes me that an exhaust system is so problematic. It's not that hard to buy a few 45s, 90s, some straight pipe, some clamps and some flex pipe & get the mig welder out and make what you need.  Reinforces my thoughts on todays "mechanics." They're not mechanics, they're "parts replacement specialists." CPU tells them what to replace and they replace it. Ask them to use their imagination and route a 5 inch pipe under the cab and up the back and they're useless...

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Joe I completely agree with you.  But what this involves here is time.  My mechanic who is a welder by trade and can make anything out of anything is like every good mechanic.  Busy. swammped with work etc.  It takes time to get all that stuff together....to cut it, bend it weld it etc.  and to get it exactly right.  If my exhaust was off by less than a quarter inch, the shifter would hit it. If the entire system was flex pipe than yea we can do duals all day long.  If I drove a Paccar rig I could order dual exhaust from Amazon and have it delivered to my door in 4 days.  

I'm going to buy a new truck in about 2 years.  I'd like an Anthem but Volvo is going to close Mack completely (just my speculation).  This exhaust thing just reenforces that thought.

It just sucks because the dual exhaust looks cool and benefits the truck mechanically.  But on the other hand there aren't a lot of Mack owners running dual exhaust, not in my area anyway.  And the system always rotted at the weld on the "T" first.

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