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B95 Fuel pump work-around

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I'm looking at helping a neighbor with a mid 50s B95 thermador fire truck. It is in need of a fuel pump. We are looking at temporarily bypassing the factory pump with a electric pump. Has anybody any pictures of this sort of thing being done before? We want to do this as a temporary fix to move the vehicle, I am hoping to not deface any of the factory parts if possible. Any suggestions would be appreciated.  https://drive.google.com/open?id=1S1qbSw4LPYFu45OUj9gGyPDqcYxO72-9

If interested, the link there is a picture of the engine. 



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No pictures for you but it can be done with an electric pump.  Also get a fuel pres. regulator so you don't cause grief with the carb needle and seat.  3-4 psi is all the pressure you will need if the rest of the system is in decent shape.

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This is the fuel pump that I have on my B85F, 85LS and 405A.  I left the mechanical pump in place and added this in the line before it.  It works great.  Mike. 


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I know from experience that there’s an electric fuel pump in the back close to the fuel tank on those, and the line is too long for one fuel pump to work. Make sure that’s working before you go too much further... you can pretty easily pump through the old mechanical pump, so honestly if you do need to stick one on there just do as yarnall did with his. We took entirely too long to figure out that the problem was an electric fuel pump we didn’t even know about...

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11 minutes ago, 609albert said:

ok to do just make sure you get a good unit, their is a shop In n.y. that will rebuild the orginal and quick turnaround  he did mine advertises in Hemmings motor news name is Authur Guld .

He moved off Long Island here is his new contact info



Arthur Gould Rebuilders

789 Wachusett St.
Holden, MA 01520
United States

Phone: 508-210-0891







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