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Dog takes a square one to the chin.... :-(

Mack Technician

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Got word one of our haulers lost control of his 98K Granite and about totaled it. He is your average wood butcher cowboy, heck of a guy, and doing what 20 year olds do in the woods.....only he’s closer to 60.

He was diagnosing a noise coming from outside the truck while riding the dog, side saddling, to see what was dragging or wrapped into his running gear. With door open, while driving slow pace, he slipped, fell sideways out of the truck and thankfully fell away from the wheels. The Granite took off down a hill, through the stumpage and off the edge of a small cliff. 

You need to turn your head sideways since I can’t photoshop this pic. 




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17 minutes ago, 85snowdog said:

Thankfully he's ok.  

I think we all probably take silly risk. Afterward ,you think "that was stupid"  

I was getting tired of holding computer sideways. Hopefully this helps .





Thanks Snowdog! Way better.

He wasn’t loaded, so I’d guess the frame, tandem, loader and rack possibly didn’t get tweaked. May be able to drop his work body onto a new cab/chassis truck. That 10-15ft ravine drop at the end sealed the deal.

He’s a life long woodsman, no dummy, but often those guys don’t make risk adjustments to compensate for age. Watch one 56yr old guy go to Missouri Bluetail Group for stem cell reconstruction of his knee and blow it up a few months later jumping off his trailer. 

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