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Ch road test

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Loved when this came out. I was a youngin then.  Mack announced it internally before it came out so my father warned me it was coming. Glued to the TV set and grinning from ear to ear after i VHS taped it. Im a big fan of 80s Macks,  but those CH and CLs were some damn good trucks back then in the 90s.

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Cool video. Out of all the Ch styles i think the mid roof with fairings/cab extenders looks the best. They don't look right w/o the visor. 


Just got got done giving the a good wash and polishing 


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20 hours ago, MACKS said:

I thought the ch had a set forward axle That one looks like a set back like a cl?

You could get them in either set up. The 99 we have is set forward. Imo the set back axle is a better riding setup but the set forward is better setup doing off road/oilfield work

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