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1929 Mack Firetruck

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I’m in possession of a 1929 Mack Firetruck and am trying to obtain any information and value.

Any assistance you can provide would be very helpful, see photos below. 




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We need a little more information.  Are you buying or selling?  Insurance value?  What model is it ?  What condition?  And pictures would help a lot.  Thanks Mike. 

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Best of luck in your pursuit.

The radiator and hood look wrong for a Mack.  Maybe someone changed things?  Some of the front end details points to it possibly being a Mack AB model bus chassis built as a fire truck.

The very early Mack AB trucks that I have looked at have the VIN stamped on the left front frame horn (yellow arrow).  Can't remember if the later ones were stamped in the same spot. 

Mack AB (2) - Copy.JPG

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It doesn't cost anything to pay attention.

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To me it looks like a ‘29 American LaFrance. If you look at pictures they look incredibly similar. I tried looking at all the characteristics of what you’ve got there and it seems to line up with a LaFrance. Maybe like someone else said, it’s a Mack with LaFrance parts on it but I think it’s just a LaFrnace with newer wheels.

Who needs a back yard when you could have a :mack1: Yard?!

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I wouldn’t think it is worth more than $1500 no matter what it is.   If the engine is stuck it is worth way less.    I think it is worth saving though.  Unfortunately a whole truck in that kind of shape sometimes will not even bring scrap price.  It might be worth more than scrap price in parts. If it would turn out to be something unusual it could be worth more.  You should try posting it on the SPAAMFAA Facebook page.  Good Luck.  Mike. 

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