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Northern Ontario R's and Superliner's

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That's a nice superliner, but I'll take that R model sleeper over it every day of the week. Except for Monday, I'll take the superliner on Monday as I've never driven one, much less a V8. Gotta try it at least once.

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I've been lucky enough to heavy haul with R's, and V8 Superliner's and MH Ultraliners and CL's. But I have a soft spot for the R. That was my favorite do all truck. Until you dive the V8, LOL.


Anybody know the story behind that whiskey and why it was? Was it a promotional thing, or was it done by the whiskey company?

Mine was found by a relative when they bought a home and were cleaning it out.

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OK thanks guys. I'll keep watching, maybe somebody will chime in with an explanation.

Edit: I just did some googling and it appears to be a 1975 issue for Mack's 75th anniversary?

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