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Zara Mack N Series

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10 hours ago, Vladislav said:

Great photo.

The cab looks custom made by some facility.  It does not look like a home made cab and I think I saw similar ones on other modified NO's.

Vlad, I may be wrong............

Founded in 1946 near the U.S. Army's Memphis, Tennessee supply depot, Memphis Equipment Company begin selling trucks like GMC CCKWs right after the war to construction companies. They used to run a full-page advertisement in a construction industry newspaper showing over 100 types of military trucks for sale. Included was "the mighty Mack NO" with enclosed cabs, exactly as you see above. I believe these NOs were brought back from Europe. But before being shipped, I suspect they had enclosed cabs installed in France. Labor was cheap there after the war, and many small companies were fitting hand-built enclosed cabs onto American surplus trucks. Just a guess, but many had these cabs.

Here's another NO in American with an enclosed cab that appears French in origin.


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