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Hello: my name is Steven, I live in Port Alberni BC Canada. I have never owned a Mack truck or any other 1:1 truck. My interest lies with building them in 1/24 scale plastic, How does that grab you gear monkeys?

What I want from your site is as much information, in detail, about the Mack. The kit that I am working on now is the R685 ST. At this point, I need some good pix of the front end suspension and the rear airbag

The detail of the info sheet is not very good.


Steven C.

PS do you know where I can get additional Mack truck models, supplies are very scarce, I need as many as I can get

Thank you

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R685, DM600,DM800, Cruiseliner are all out or recent reissues. Model Car Garage does Stainless grill and trim for the R models.

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...And all those are 1:25 not 1:24.

In 24th scale the most used option is Italery Mack Superliner (sold as a no-brand vehicle). It has many wrong parts but is a popular model anyway.

As of reference pics the best way is to attend this web site for a long time and on a constant basis. R-model Mack had many different options on axles, rear suspension, engine, transmission, hood and even the cab. So you wouldn't build a good model using just a couple of ocassion pics. Look over the wiki section of the forum to find a list of different R-models. Look over the types of engines installed and years of production. Than figure out to which particular model your initial kit is most close. After that start looking through old threads for images. Than having a basic understanding try putting a request thread with more particular questions. For example I have 1988 R688ST. But my front end has taper leaf front springs (3 leaves at each side). AMT R-model has multy-leaf front springs. And say RS chassis would have almost different setup. I even don't know do RS600 and RS700 differ :)

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Hello Steven,

Always good to see a fellow model maker here.

I'm assuming you have the AMT R685ST kit which, as Vladislav says, is 1:25. It's a pretty good kit which dates back to the 1970's so I think it fairly accurately represents an R685 from about 1976 or 77.

The front end is a taperleaf spring set up and is well detailed on the kit so I wouldn't have thought you'd have any problems with it. The rear is a tandem Camelback spring set up. There's no airbag. Again, it's pretty well represented on the kit.

If you want more detail then googling is a good bet but it's also worth visiting truck sales sites such as truckpaper or even ebay as sellers often post close up shots of less accessible areas. Naturally the guys on this site are incredibly knowledgeable and have helped me a lot with my models. I also have a few brochures so I'll have a look through them and see if I can find anything. I know there is a good image of a camelback somewhere.

As for kits, the ones mentioned in other posts are all available if you look. AMT did the Cruiseliner as well as the R685 in 1:25 and a Superliner in 1:32 as both a tractor or a wrecker. ERTL did the DM600 and DM800 which date back to MPC kits from the early 1970's and all of these kits apart from the 1:32 ones seem to get reissued regularly so you can get them from online model shops and ebay for a reasonable price. Some of the original releases are also sold by private sellers on ebay but the prices can be silly.

In 1:24, Italeri did a Superliner which was never branded as a Mack. This kit has been reissued by Italeri, Revell and Heller over the years but the frame/chassis is from Italeri's Freightliner kit and bears little resemblance to a Superliner frame and the cab is not a great copy either. There's not much Mack in his kit so you need to do a lot of work to get it up to standard but you can see that Pawel did a pretty good job if you follow the link in J Hancock's post. 

I hope this helps. I'll have a rummage through my literature and see if I can't find some images for you.



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