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2018 mp7 turbo problems

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11 hours ago, fjh said:

Yup seen it happen a few times ! It even happened when it was a not Swedish owned ! How ever these guys can't really afford  need to piss many more people off,small or big! Volvo/ Mack  market share is dropping like a stone!

Yup, Volvo sure has trashed Mack in my opinion. I mean, what's really left that is actually Mack? Transmission I guess, some suspension? They have even managed to screw up the diffs. Sad.

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The best thing that can happen for Mack is to have Volvo spin them off and sell to a group of investors and let Mack become what it was, The Best Truck ever to grace the USA. Just like Autocar when it was let go, they made small compact trucks for trash haulers like Mack MR's and now they have a new conventional model coming out and hopefully it will take off and expand to a road tractor.

Mack could do the same and go back to their engines and drive trains. Build them like before and hopefully the industry wide damage with not kill this great piece of American ability.

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