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How to assemble a Liebherr T284 mining truck


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21 hours ago, VaPatentman said:

The Liebherr site in Newport News, Virginia.was originally an airplane manufacturing plant operated by I think GE during WW-II.

The Newport News Liebherr plant was erected new in 1970. Liebherr interestingly does produce aircraft components in Germany. During WW2, Hans Liebherr was in the German engineering corps building bridges in Russia (which the IL-2 Sturmovik would blow up again).

Hampton Roads, being an ideal port, was a massive staging area for troops and supplies heading to Europe and North Africa. (http://www.dailypress.com/news/newport-news/dp-nws-ww2-port-of-embarkation-hampton-roads-20170616-story.html)

Horses and mules....something I didn't know (https://www.washingtontimes.com/news/2016/dec/4/newport-news-became-a-springboard-for-wwii-war-hor/).

In researching, I discovered that one of the Dodge brothers was a boating enthusiast and established a boating company on the Newport News waterfront at the former US Army base Camp Stuart (http://www.nnapprentice.com/alumni/letter/Dodge_Watercars.pdf). I'm a bit of a history buff.....thank you.

Maybe you're speaking of this....in 1913, the city bought 75 acres at Newport News Creek and created a small boat harbor. In 2014, the Curtis Flying School opened there training pilots to fly Curtis flying boats.

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