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Cam issues


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Could you please explain a little more ! Do you know if the the cam followers Are ceramic or metal?

Earlier engines were equipped with steel rollers that eched the cams is this what is happening? or is it ceramic rollers that are breaking? If the symtom is a chirping sound it could be you have old style lifters and should upgrade to spring loaded push tubes and cearamic rollers


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It has metal rollers The last kit I got was all Mack. The roller becomes flat on one side. In each case the # 2 exhaust is the one that fails. I am wondering if the cam bore oil port is plugged. None of the work was done by Mack.. I have been told to be aware of the H ring height. I believe it has something to do with the lifter and above. 

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Well after 2 months of off and on work on the cam the shop owner called and said come and get it. I live about 18 miles from the shop. before I got half way home it was popping through the breather. A excust valve was not opening. Called the shop. said he would come and tow it to his shop the next day. He showed up 2 days later and said it would be in his shop the next morning. I was told I had to be patient.12 days later I had enough. Called another tow service and had it taken to Mack. They found a broken bolt in a head. They checked Hring height and adjusted valves. All parts were supplied by Mack again .

I have been told by others as heaveyHaulenMack stated that oil may not be getting to it. I was told that a oil journal feeds 1,2 and 3 another journal feeds 4,5,and 6. The journals go up #2 and #5 to feed oil to each. In my not so smart head if #2 isn't getting oil then #1 and 3 wouldn't be getting oil ether. No one has said anything to me about a ceramic upgrade as asked by fjh.

So truck is homeafter 2 months. The shop owner says he put 76 hrs in what he did ???????? Previous shop charged 36 hrs to do the same thing. If it happens again I will put a reman from Mack in it. Thanks for the input guys!

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