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B42 dump truck

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There were about 20,000 B42s made. Compared to about 60,000 for the B61's, that's about 2/3 less, but still not an insignificant amount.

I found one on a farm locally last year in very good shape and bought it for what I thought was a reasonable price.  Unfortunately, soon after that, it began to exhibit signs of needing a head gasket replaced, which was a much more expensive repair than I wanted to deal with, so I sold it and got my B85.

If you're looking to see what it's worth, I paid $6000 for mine.  It had a 1970s restoration that was still in pretty good shape, with very little rust showing on the body, and a very clean undercarriage, with air brakes and a quadruplex 20 speed.

Below is a picture of it to get an idea of the condition.

I'm now on the hunt for another one in about the same condition.  I do see them pop up once in a while, but they all seem to be about as far away from the east coast as they can be, or they just need a bit more work than I'm willing/able to do.

Is it something you're looking to buy?  Or something that you DID buy?


2015-10-10 09.07.43.jpg

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pretty common in the day. we have about 8 of them... goof thing about them is they were good for about 100,000 on a motor, if someone put anpther in it probably another 80 so they weren't as beat and chaffed as  the diesel models as they didn't see the mileage and didn't vibrate as much.  s if your lookin to make a B61, look for a B42 for sheet metal


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This truck is a ten wheeler.It's a two owner truck,the original owner was a township and it was set up as a tanker.I'm thinking it was used by the local fire company.I haven't looked at it yet,just got some pictures of it from a friend.He says as good as the cab is the frame is that bad.

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lol got us all curious......like that photo,,,reminds me of new england...almost bought a B model gas job,in las vegas years ago.....$2,500 came with lotta extra new parts,,,extra cab was a pretty good catch,,but getting it to sun valley would have been a pain in the ass...so i passed ...bob

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