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1947 Mack EE value

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12 hours ago, terry said:

are you buying or selling? Makes some difference.  terry:D

A good looking clean truck. Probably cleaned up good enough for a regional museum?? Plainsman said he was donating to a museum. I presume that he just needs a value for tax purposes? Therefore he can go on the high side, unless he is expecting an IRS audit!! 

I personally have no idea. Jim Hancock, Superdog, 41 Chevy, Mackdaddy, Maint1, Maddog13407?? Someone should be able to toss out a ballpark figure..

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EE models come up on Craigslist and other sites for sale quite frequently. In fully restored condition I have seen them asking 6k all the way up to 30K. Not that they will sell quickly if ever at that price. There is a guy in New York that is selling a pair of EH trucks for a few years now. One partial restored and the other in decent fair condition. He had been asking 9K for the pair. One has a dump box.  This one below was selling out here on the west coast a few years back and the owner was asking 7k. ee_ef_eg_5451.jpg

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Thanks to all who responded. 

As Brocky suggested, I am looking for a ball park value for tax purposes if I donate the truck.  The truck is not show quality, but  is a good ruinner and looks decent from 50 feet. This type of truck was seldom seen here on the northern plains, but likely isn't so rare on the East Coast.

I did not see the price on the yellow truck that Boostedretard posted.

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Thanks to all who replied.  Any other opinions are also welcome.

I have restored vehicles  to like new condition the past, and if I were ever to do it again, I would want to start with something in as  good condition as this truck is.

In response to Hobert62 opinion that the value seems low, I think part if it is it takes a lot more room to store old trucks as than to store old cars.



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