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Thinking about buying a parts truck

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I found a DM model truck with a blown engine to use for a parts truck are the doors and other parts of the cab the same as an R model? I need mostly cab parts and will sell the cab after I get the parts I need off of it the cab looks pretty much rust free.

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Drivers door has a small "notch" in the bottom of it to fit into the the cut out in the rocker panel.   Passenger door has no holes for the mirror bracket, because it is mounted to the cab.  I think both of those things can be dealt with quite easily. 

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The 3208 may not be the best engine ever built, but they sure powered a lot of C cab Fords. The C cab was a very popular fire truck chassis and the 3208 was the power plant of choice for most of them after the fire service started getting away from gasoline power for most apparatus. I liked the 3208 in the C cabs I drove. It had adequate power and it was generally reliable.

It had to be one of the most produced engines for Cat as they seemed to pop up everywhere from excavators to trucks to farm tractors. I can't help but wonder if their reputation comes from having so many out there that it was inevitable that some would crap out.

Granted it really couldn't be rebuilt, but a crate engine was relatively cheap and it was a pretty quick swap to get a new engine into a rig when it went down. 

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