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clutch slippage


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When shifting, once in gear there is minimal slipping or "nothing" there then all a sudden clutch locks and all is well. Doesn't matter if u shift with or without clutch, still does it. However this is not a mack but a ih with Spicer trans. I get a lot of good mack info here, so just hoping to get this question answered. Thanks

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                                    If it does it without the clutch on a shift, I would be looking elsewhere. How many miles on the clutch and transmission?  The centers of the driven disc's

                                    could be having a problem though.


                                     Truck Shop 

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how much free pedal do you have ? should be 1 1/2-2 inches at the pedal, check the lever arm on the bell housing and make sure it has free play, ( this will determine the free play  you feel in the pedal isn't linkage wear) If the lever arm is snug adjust until its loose (adjust pressure plate not the linkage) when in proper adjustment a 1/2" drill bit should just pass between the clutch brake and the release bearing housing. if this checks out ok then as truck shop said the clutch may have failed a hub on one of the clutch discs.

on my e-9 it took about 5k miles to get it to hold after replacing it,  top two gears would slip on a hard pull, was about ready to pull it out, then it finally burnished  in.


After rereading your post it sounds like a clutch lost its lining and is holding the pressure plate or intermediate from fully engaging until the broken fragments find a home and then sandwich the drive disc, thus propelling the truck  Has there been a new driver in the truck? or has it been stuck? this type of failure is common with the trans input shaft spinning in one direction and the engine flywheel spinning in the opposite direction.

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Thanks for all the input, free travel adjustment is were it needs to be. What has me confused is it slips even when not using clutch to shift. Clutch does not slip under load either, only when shifting and its just a short spert of slipage until it grabs and all is fine

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Is the clutch brake set where its supposed  to be? Right at the floor!! that is the most important first step that is sum times missed! 

If you set the gap and  the brake is not set correctly the angle springs can be at the wrong angle to grip properly ! Depending on which clutch is in there! This is can be common Issue with an easy pedal clutch if not adjusted correctly! An over adjusted easy pedal may slip!

Like 204 said It so it sounds like the clutch is simply worn out springs or lining rolling around inside!

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Once the beast leaves the factory wen new the linkage should never need adjustin as all the clutch adjustment is dun on the clutch pressure plate via the lock strap. adjust the clutch brake last after u have fixed the slipage

Hope u're thro out bearing hasn't been overgreased






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45 minutes ago, Mike said:

I know this is going to raise some eye brows. But could it be possible that grease has gotten on the clutch?Everything else has been said here.

Good point. I believe that can happen if the bearing is over greased. At least thats what I've been told. 

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