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Question - Studs on Spoke Wheels

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All -

I don't have pictures of this, but on the spoke wheels of the front axle of the rollback I'm looking at, the wheel studs at first appear to be various lengths.  I'm thinking it's more likely though they're all the same length, but some have backed out due to some of the the lug nuts having seized at some point.  I'm curious as to how serious a repair it is to re-install/replace the studs, I've never had to deal with spokes before.  The truck sports 11.00X22.5 tubeless tires.


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shouldnt be a problem but as we all know you never know whats lurking til you dive in. some studs need the surrounding cast to be heated a bit before they can be threaded out, others are held in with a cotter pin. if you do need to heat the spoke, only heat a little, put a stud extractor or small pipe wrench on and turn it to loosen. don't turn it all the way out while the spoke is hot as you can easily tear the threads out. I usually heat it, break it free, then let it cool and soak it with blaster and thread it out.

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