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Superliner hood alignment

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A trivial question but I've noticed that on some Superliners that the hoods sit slightly crooked.  That is, the gap between the lower edge of the grille/fenders isn't even across the top of the bumper.  It appears that the hood is slightly twisted from the front view.  Does anyone know why this happens?  Is it from constant torque in one direction over the years on the hood?  Can it be adjusted out?  Is it fixable?  Or does this indicate a previously-wrecked truck or something?  Just curious.  Thanks! 

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The position of most any hood colud be corrected. And the same to any other body part.

It's just a question of amount of labour you'd care to spend. And sure body man's skill.

I'm not ready to tell you which way a RW hood position on chassis could be set or corrected.

On a R-model the front hinges might be moved forward/backwards and the ball joints allow you to get it a bit up and down. 

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Most all of Horan Sand and Gravel Superliners would show that mismatch on the air ride cabs with worn front cab mounts and or incorrect ride height on the cab air bag. We found poly bushings solved that mismatch.

If you look at Jim's photo you'll see the hood and bumper gap is even, it is the cab level that is off.    Paul


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