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2 minutes ago, Outbehindthebarn said:

I like the explicit exemption Take that Smoky!

I haven't when that far in sighting the Federal Rule number on the truck. But did pull into the scales/ port of entry in New Mexico and was told to park it and go into the office because of no DOT#. Went in and showed my Commercial License and the matching truck registration in my name. Also stated it was a private rig and not for hire.  The officer said next time have PRIVATE NOT FOR HIRE on the side of the truck. I said you mean like that truck parked right outside the window with PRIVATE NOT FOR HIRE onside in 2 1/2 inch letters. He said YES and have a nice day. I haven't stopped at one scale or port of entry since....  :thumb:

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I've been leary of going by scales when they say "all trucks".  When it said "commercial trucks" I didn't.  I don't want to be the guy they chase down and get an azz reamin' on the side of the road.

Now, granted the truck looks old enough to not worry.  I understand when you have something later model(even an R) where they would still question you running it commercially.



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These days have you seen more than 2 or 3 officers at scales or port of entry? They are not going to chase down a questionable truck running the scales. Ever notice how many trucks just roll by and not stop? It is more than a few a minute. Point: Isn't an RV a truck? The thing is COMMERCIAL USE, a Truck is a term used for hauling normally for hire and has a driver that is paid for driving. That was the point in my last post, registration and license matched and PRIVATE... on side of truck, it is an RV. If you stop it just gives a reason to get frustrated and waste everyones time. In states out this way there are roadside cameras and scales going up and building coming down. The Chicken Coupes are becoming a thing of the past.

When I went to the ATHS show in Oregon this year there was a paper in the registration pack to show if pulled over stating the same NOT FOR COMMERCIAL USE. Most officers know about the small number of us that what to preserve transportation history and are a little crazy... they don't get into situations they are going to lose or have to let you go... :thumb: 

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