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ENDTB866 Parts Required


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Hi, I am rebuilding a ENDT866 375hp Thermodyne for R797RSX and need to know if can still source mains bearings and gasket kits? Who do I contact...realise they are getting hard to source but someone must know where to get them?

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Only thing I found was rod bearings are still available. I believe they are the same as the E9. All else.... well good luck. I rebuilt my 866 is 1996 and parts were becoming scarce then. There was only one part number left for standard main bearing out of 3. Plus they were $255 for just the main set at Mack. Just one ring set was close to $100 back then or $800 for a complete set!! Have not heard of head gaskets even for a long time... don't pull the heads or if, be really carful to reuses the gaskets with sealer. If you find parts let us know I would be interested.:thumb:

The days of running the old V8's is done, no parts. I have one as a hobby engine in my B, it is the one I rebuilt years ago, but most guys don't even know what it is. Wish it was not so but the E9 is not far behind, very few know much about them anymore, less know how to work on them and parts are getting harder to get too.:(

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