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I'm a model builder and want to convert an r600 kit into a valueliner.I know that a value liner is taller so I cut the kit hood apart and tried to add a strip to increase the height.thats where things got ugly with nothing lining up .My questions are, is the hood wider at the upper front or is the fender narrower at the front to compensate for the added height?what I really need is some measurements of the upper area above the grill or fender width or a side by side comparison from the front.Also Ive noticed some have a raised section in the center of the hood ,some don't.

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search for "wiskymack" on this forum. He has painstakingly made 1/25 models of a few Mack Western R models. I think he offers these kits for sale. I have one of his RS700L kits and its amazing the detail he did on it.

He also had a thread on here of a Valueliner he built. this was a year or 2 ago?


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10 minutes ago, Lmackattack said:




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I made a Value Liner from the AMT kit and can supply you with a hood if you don't fancy making your own one. The one I did is vacuum formed but it doesn't have the ridge on the top which came in about 1978 or thereabouts. I added the ridge to the hood later. I did a lot of other bits and pieces too including Western style fuel and air tanks, battery boxes and badging so if you are interested in any of it send me a PM. It's a lot of work because the frame is different too. The Western R's all had deeper section, straight rail frames unlike the tapered and flared Eastern R model frame. You basically need to scratch build a new frame if you want to be faithful to the real thing.


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A modelbuilder overhere made Rubber Duck truck some years ago. He built it in 1:24 using Italery cab.

You can see the pictures here http://www.autoinscale.com/?section=article&id=321

I doubt he had any real hood measurments avalible and as I can see now the frame's front is wrong (he made it of an Eastern R-model style).

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