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Sad End to a Pair of R models

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Sadly you can't really use anything like that in Komifornia with EPA restrictions, so I can see why they just cut them up. Junk yards do it all the time, much to our dismay.

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The flip side of this is that there are a lot of very good, low mileage parts available for many peoples projects. As Larry said, with the CARB restrictions those trucks are pretty much worthless as trucks but they are a gold mine as parts.

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I think it is funny that the two guys commenting about California's emissions restrictions are not from California.

The truth is there are exemptions for low milage and special use trucks. There are also other exemptions.

I did not have a chance to really check these trucks out to see if they were rust free. These trucks were from Nevada and were originally Nevada State Highway plow trucks. At some point in there life they were converted to tankers.

If anyone is looking for parts pm me and I can give you the contact information. They are located in central California about 7 or 8 hours north of me.

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