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Mack Army truck


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I thought consolidated diesel made the 10 ton M123 unless they moved that radiator back to accommodate that Detroit you would be pretty hard pressed to stuff a 903 in there. Those do look like 1400X20 tires though which they did run on the 123s those trucks are over width not easily ran down the road Im used to seeing the huge winch usually behind the cab.

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our Tonasket fire dept. had one 10ft wide, I think it was a shorter wheel base thou had a 3500 gal tank and that looked right on that truck I'm thinking it was a m77 ? tank retriever it was a mack truck with a cummins 903 - 5 speed - 2 speed transfer case but its been since 1988 when I drove it. I don't remember the radiator being that far rearward so I too think it was relocated when the torque master was installed.

did consolidated diesel exist then ? I thought consolidated diesel came from a joint venture between cummins and j.I. case. about 1985 ish.

and our ran out at 52 mph. ........but every one moved wayyyy over when it was coming at them what a beast! 6 months after I left the dept. a steering wheel holder over speed the eng. and so they replaced the truck (jack ass). That truck with 3000 gal. on board would corner loaded like a empty 10 wheel tanker, now that tank sits on a 377 pete with air ride( now there's some pucker factor )

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