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mate that would put a horn on a jelly fish gotta be pretty chuffed with the end result 


a side note with them pictures been on the side when you click on the picture it blows it up a bit and the screen goes all black ish around the picture on the bottom LHS of the picture in little writing it has written "full size" click on that it takes you to another screen but this time the picture is bigger again and its the right way up ??????????? go figger ?? so dunno what the go is there not enough mega bytes in brain for all of this 


truck turned out really good 



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Got the truck back with a new clutch and made 3 loads today. It did much better other than the pedal being stiff from lack of use. I have a few bugs yet to work out most are related to trim and interior parts. Hopefully by next month I will have them worked out. Mackey58.... No I didn't put LED gauges in the dash and hopefully next week will have some interior pictures.

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Hopefully someone can help me with a small issue I have???  I am noticing a slight lag in take off and think it's due to the speed sensor. Will adding a Blixxton programmer help this issue? Regardless what kind of results can I expect? (mpg, power and throttle response) 

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