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Need Some Imput

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Got a real problem on my hands.As most of you know,I hold my old Macks in regards second only to my kids,and I'd rather chop off body parts than get rid of any of them,but..........I got a chance to trade for a '51 LT in pretty good original shape,unmolested for the most part,other than a very old repaint.Offered to trade me for my '65 B61 which I've had for 14 yrs. and really pretty attached to.Some of you have seen it either at Walcott,the Milwaukee convention and the Kansas City convention,or sitting in front of my house.I've wanted an LT for a long time,but not nearly as much as Mikey has,but I really love my old B models too.Wish I could buy it outright,but with things the way they are these days,that ain't gonna happen,just like a trade of this kind ain't likely to ever happen again either.What do you guys think?

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You can always get another B61 but how often will you pick up on an LT?

Seems that when messing with "B's" it takes 2 trucks to get one good one, but if you have 1 good one (The LT) you might be way ahead to jump on it while you can!

Looks like I'm going to need 2 1/2 trucks to come up with the "B" of MY dreams!!! (I think that means I'm loosing ground) but I'm very happy with the way my '48 EG came out.

By the way, the old trailer is going to be a little more of a project than I wanted, but will look GREAT behind that EG!!! I'm plumb happy with it!Thanks for helping Fred with the loading! I though that was good of you to give him a hand, and will pass along to one and all that I think you're a 'Great Guy'.

The tanks will need some TLC too, but there again, tickled to have them. They will just about compleat all the parts for "Aunt Bea"!


Keep a clutchin'

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Which b61 are you wanting to trade? you had about 3 very nice ones in front of your house the other day. I hope it is not the red and black one, Mikey told me a really good story about the original owner of that truck. I think that the history of a truck is worth more than the sum of the parts that make it up. All of my macks really have no history, or at least any that I can trace down, which is a shame because there is a driver somewhere that would like to see that truck again, or at least I would like to think they would. So I would say trade if it is just a truck, You can rebuild another b61, but if its a truck that you have had for a long time or is special in some way, there will be another deal later on.... It would be like selling the family dog. ( no pun intended )


15 gears...no waiting!
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WOW! That is a tough decesion! Glad I don't have to make it! LOL

With that said, I would probally go through with the trade...like you said, this may be the only chance to get a truck like that.

BTW...we are gonna need some photos! Good luck with your decision!

Barry - Watt's Truck Center Parts Manager and BMT Webmaster...1-888-304-MACK

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I dunno Mike. This question is like asking me to trade off my "Shiela", and we know she gets used when called upon. "She" is part of my family. I have seen you use that truck, and it remains very useful to you at times. The main question I would be asking myself would be "What will i realistically do with the LT"? What I mean is if it is going to be a yard ornament, I would probably have a hard time making the trade as it is quite rare and would deteriorate from exposure. If on the other hand, there is a definate possiblility, with clear vision of restoration, or usage in the future of the truck, then a trade is much more feasable; At least to me. I base this stance on a couple of variables; One: I personally have seen too many unfinished project vehicles due to lack of funds, or adequate commitment for completion. Two: A rare vehicle that is purchased/traded and essentially "stored" without being worked with removes the possibility of the rest of the public from enjoying it at a later date.

Don't take me wrong as I'd like to own an LT series also, and would have a difficult time with the same scenario you have. I have three unfinished projects in my shop now, my grandpas' "AB", and two "B-61's"; But my 31+ years in the auto body industry tells me "I don't need another project until something is completed first". With the exception of "bragging rights", a project that is incomplete is virtually useless as most will attest.

My final thoughts would be "Would the LT be more useful or interesting to me"?, and "am I tired of, or can I do without that B model"?. I would also ask myself, "would I be better off making the trade"?

Everyone has a different outlook and value placed upon trucks or other physical possessions, and all is in proper perspective if family's valued input remains first. With that I ask, "What does your family think"?; they are the only contributors that truly matter.

Best wishes with your decision.


Dog.jpg.487f03da076af0150d2376dbd16843ed.jpgPlodding along with no job nor practical application for my existence, but still trying to fix what's broke.



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Well Mike.......I'm in the same boat as most others have mentioned.

What do you really want? Both, right?? LOL!!

In the end what will make you happier? The sentimental value of the B, or the monetary value of the LT? It's an anwser only YOU can make.

I too have a few "extra" vehicle around and have pondered the though of selling/trading off something for another. Never quite had to do it yet...but someday it will happen and I'm not really sure how it will work.

Good luck with the decision :)



1959 B61 Liv'n Large......................

Charter member of the "MACK PACK"


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Tough call Mike. You know I would love to have that B and do you remember what you said when I offered to load it on my trailer and take it back to Indiana for safe keeping? I would have to say that if it is going to a good home and will be respected and taken care of and you really want the LT.... Make the trade, You have the pics and memories of the B plus the fact that you have several more and you could create a "clone" of that unit if you so desire. If I was in the position that you are in, although it would be tough, I think I would make the trade


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Go for it Mike. LTs are few and far between and you've seen the junk that is showing up out here. But sometimes one has to go to get another {how well I know,still miss the Pete} If it is as nice as you say do it.

John Evans,

Trucks & Dogs are expensive!!

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Thanks for all the advice.Right or wrong,I decided not to trade.Got to thinking more and more this morning and decided that there'll be other LT's,but never another B61 that I taught my son and daughter to drive on,and I'm sure when she can reach the pedals,my youngest daughter will learn to drive her too.Guess I'm too damn sentimental.

Thanks for posting the pic,Terry,but that's the wrong truck,the'65 I was going to trade is the cream colored one.The 1960 red and black one is old Arnie,named for it's first owner Arnold Arledge.He owned a small freight company in Burlington,Iowa.He picked the truck up personally at the plant in Plainfield,NJ and bobtailed to NYC to pick up his daughter that was flying in from somewhere to Idlewild Airport (not sure if I spelled that right).He made a wrong turn at the airport and ended up on the runway and caused quite a bit of excitement.Don't know if that was the story Fred was referring to,but one of the cleaner ones Arnie told me,LOL.I bought it on Valentine's Day,1987 from the 3rd owner that had turned it into a lime spreader.If I ever get to where I can post pics again,I'll have to put up some of the before pics.It is also the truck that First Gear used for patterns for their 1/34th and 1/25th scale B61 replicas.This old girl has tons of sentimental value,ain't no way Id ever get rid of her and if it ever does come up missing,I know the first place I'll look,got that Terry?

Back on the subject of the LT,guess I gotta get busy getting rid of the rest of the offbreeds cluttering up the place so I can buy it outright.

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