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  1. I like R-Models. Very nice truck there too. Barry, I said it before, I'll say it agin...you got one of the better jobs around with all the visitors you get!
  2. Hell yeah! That truck w/some tall straight pipes...that's nice!!
  3. I just called Long Island Truck Parts, seems like they may have the part for me. I gotta take my part off which will be fun, cause the fifth wheel is in the way, so I have to move that first! Wish me luck!
  4. I'll try LI Truck parts out by me, I'm sure they may be able to track it down for me. Thanks guys for all the help. You guys rock !
  5. ok, My part says Wagner part # AD 21884 on it.
  6. Woah, that's awesome! I have about 43 trucks in my collection !
  7. Thanks Jeff, I will check tomorrow to see what I can find on it. It's pouring here today (I swear I saw an ark!) So I hope to get out there tomorrow am and take a look. I will definitely keep you all posted. Thanks for the help !
  8. I work for State Farm Insurance and we have been advertising that movie like crazy. State Farm is very proud to be sponsoring this movie and it is the first time the company has ever participated in the promotion of a movie! It looks like a cute movie too! http://disney.go.com/features/countdowntocars/
  9. Yes, it constantly hisses out air and the pressure drops significantly. I can feel it and see it leaking from a crack in the side. I'll have to check to see if it says "wagner" on it. It's black (and probably a little dirty) so I never noticed any writing. I'll check it over the weekend. I couldnt find any diagrams either, Thad. I checked the Mack manual that the museum sent me, and nothing..
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