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New Member! I'm excited about my Mack! Any advice/info will help.


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I recently purchased a 2001 Mack Ch-613 with a Super 10.

I converted it into a tandem dump truck.

I just changed oil (3 oil filters) and 2 diesel fuel filters. I really don't know on what intervals to change them. I saw on a couple of different topics when they change theirs but they were for different models.

I have 960k miles on it. I'm super excited to get to work with it! I've driven a couple of Kenworths but I've always preferred the bulldog of the industry.

So any advice or recommendations you may have I will greatly appreciate it.

Also, since I dont have an switch for an rear axel power divider, I've read that it's automatic. Hopefully someone can help clarify on how it works. Thanks!

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In very general terms, it works like a posi traction. When one side of the axle slips, it will lock up both sides. Sometimes it is nice to flip a switch and lock before hitting a bad spot but most times an automatic power divider works pretty well.

Since the truck is new to you and with high miles, buy an oil sample kit to determine what is going on in the engine. It will give you a benchmark for comparing to future oil samples. Did you get any paperwork showing previous bearing work?

For line haul type work, Mack uses 6 mos. or 600 hours of engine time.

For dump truck work, Mack uses 3 mos. or 300 hrs, which ever comes first for an oil change.

....................................................6 mos......600hrs....................................... for an oil and filters change.

Change the fuel filters at the same time as the oil filters.

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It doesn't cost anything to pay attention.

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Welcome. An oil analysis is a good idea. It lets you know a lot about your engine. I always have one done on anything that I buy used on the first oil change. The last one cost about $22.00 plus postage. Blackstone Labs in IN.

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