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  1. I would take it to Mack and have all softwares updated. Maybe a communication problem between ECUs. Maybe mid 140 (dash cluster) isn’t getting needed info from other ECUs. That would explain why you have the same problem with another cluster, possible comm problem would still be there.
  2. Challenger

    mack 18 speed problem

    Sounds like the shop doing the work doesn’t have a lot of gear experience. You’re better off with the reman instead of some fresh out of tech school apprentice learning on your trans.
  3. Challenger

    mack 18 speed problem

    Mack syncrhos starting failing in 2003. This is when I started doing inframe repairs. First they said it was range shifting in reverse that was breaking snaprings. So they updated the aux mainshaft with thicker snap rings and grooves. Synchros kept failing. Then it was the synchro shift fork bolt loosen up and causing incomplete shifts and eventually failure. So start checking torque on the bolt but Synchros kept failing. So they updated synchro, lo and hi gears. Guess what , you still see failures. Then you have the barrel trans cooler under the “cactus” hose failing and pumping coolant into the trans destroying Synchros. Seems like the T2 trans where doing well, then they got cheap with the T3s, it’s never been the same. Have synchro failures actually ever been eliminated? I would say no. Updated this, updated that, is something that dealers say to make you fell better.
  4. Challenger

    Allison code P0843

    Have you replaced the trans fluid and filters? Seems like people overlook trans fluid and filters. Fun fact- The original trans filters say “factory installed”.
  5. Challenger

    Jake brake troubles

    low side-1 head High-both heads Truck off, run power to the terminal sticking out of valve cover. They should make a "click" noise when the power makes contact. Click-good solenoid. No click-broken wire to solenoid or bad solenoid. You could also let truck idle and hold power to the same terminals (1at a time) and the engine brake should turn on (you'll hear brake) If you heard both solenoids click, but still have only 1 head working when you ran power while running, it could be- Loss of oil pressure in engine brake housing examples- split orings on solenoid most likely the bottom oring, missing plugs at the end of rocker shaft (plugs look like little freeze plugs), valve/ engine brake adjustment (in my experience this is more of a red engine problem MP8), Jake Brake needing updated
  6. Challenger

    aset valve adjustment

    7 inch/lbs
  7. Challenger

    2011 mp8 codes

    SPN 3249 DPF intake temp sensor. Sensor is probably bad, replace it.
  8. Challenger

    99 Mack CH 613 intermittently overheating

    Is it actually overheating or is the shutdown light coming on? Maybe a bad temp sensor telling the EECU its overheating when its not?
  9. Challenger

    No trans

    See if the driveshaft spins. If it spins, follow the driveshaft. If it doesn't spin, problem in the rear case of the trans.
  10. Challenger

    what trans is this?

    TRTXL 1070
  11. Challenger

    2007 mack mp7 injector issue

    To add more info. #2 could be the problem. It could be shorted and causing a problem which is knocking out injectors 1 and 3 which are on the same bank. Which would mean 1 and 3 injectors are fine and #2 was/is the problem the entire time. Try unplugging #2 and running the engine at idle. Disconnecting the injector will remove it from the bank. If the codes switches to only 2, its probably the problem. This might work and be a lot less time wasted then switching injectors around.
  12. Challenger

    throw out bearing question

    Did you have the grease gun hooked up when the tool slipped. Maybe you snapped the grease fitting off and it stuck to the throw out bearing with grease. I don't see the throw out bearing rotating anywhere being inside the fork.
  13. Challenger

    2007 mack mp7 injector issue

    Unrelated but your fuel pressure seems high. Is it at 95 at idle or running? Few years back I was working on a MP7 with low power. No codes everything looked ok. The fuel pressure was 95 at idle and over a 100 when running. I remember thinking, the more the better. Turned out someone put the fuel regulator at the back of the head instead of the front of the head. Switched them around and truck ran normal and fuel pressure dropped. Like I said unrelated but maybe useful info in the future.
  14. Challenger

    2007 mack mp7 injector issue

    1,2,3 injectors are on one bank. 4,5,6 are another bank. Maybe #2 shorted out 1 and 3. Switch 2 with 4,5,6 and see if the problem follows the injector.
  15. Challenger

    2017 Fleet Owner 500 - America's Top Private Fleets

    I'm surprised not to see UPS on the list.

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