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  1. It just says pressure sensor and from the diagram I got I replaced top might have to take out and replace again just to make sure when I get home runs 2 / 3 hours then hit shoulder crank it back up and repeat
  2. Truck keep shutting down low oil pressure stop engine at highway speed. replaced oil pressure sensor. Went buy a mack dealer to just ask some questions guy came out with labtop checked truck said everything seems fine if there where no oil pressure u would no it told me check wiring harness looked fine but I'm no wire expert or mechanic I just change parts. When I crank truck up no more problems oil pressure is right again engine sound fine normally runs 50 to 55 at 1500 rpms 29 at idle. but before it come on it sticks at 35 even if I down shit to 9th and gas it.
  3. I have a 08 mack pinnacle steering wheel vibrating at idle and at all road speed truck engine running fine no crazy idling or nothing.
  4. Thanks man ya it's a 08 I'll just let it stay on for awhile dam things 500 bucks
  5. Hey I was wondering where the nox sensor location is on a 2008 mp8 all I can find is 2010 diagrams.. fault code is 128 270 12. I can reset it and it will stay off for a few hours any risk of running the truck like this?
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