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32 BG model mack pumper


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I need any information on this multi-disc clutch assembly and any parts that are available (rebuilt or used).

I am also looking for a used northern 350 a gallon fire pump . The internal pump parts are missing. So if anybody can help me out, it would be deeply appreciated.

This is the first pumper in my fire department on Shelter Island ,New York. This 1932 Mack pumper model # 6BG6S1051 .

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For the clutch try Automotive Manufacturers in Richmond, VA. They can rebuild it for you. 804-321-6861 They are very old school; no web site; they keep your information in a wire bound notebook, etc.

Have you contacted the Mack Museum for all of the information they have on your truck? They will supply an owner's manual that may have the clutch information you need.

Is the pump a rotary gear? Cal Little may have some information, but he is semi-retired and pretty hard to contact these days.

Can you post pics of the truck as well as the pump's model number?

The good news is that the pump is almost always left when someone puts an an old rig out to pasture; the bad news is they almost never drain them. But, with a little looking I'm sure you can find a pump that will be a match for your truck.

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I believe we went to a B B Q in 2010 or so for your fund raiser on the truck. It was at FireCraft at the time undergoing some resto work wasn't it? Paul


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Check with Mike Kitsock 570-617-2376. A friend just donated a 32 BG to Mike for the Museum to part out.

Which museum did the BG end up at? I certainly could use some of the parts if not check them out to try and duplicate.

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