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  1. Does anyone have a clue as to the proper location of where the ignition coil is located?
  2. Just got the distributor and mag timed pretty close. Here is the old girl singing her song!https://vimeo.com/184775669
  3. As promised. Some reassembly photos.
  4. So it has been quite a while since I posted some updates on our Mack restoration project. The below pictures are of us picking up the apparatus from the MDC Concord Jail in Concord Mass on June 7th. I am that balding fellow in the middle. To my right is my father and to my left is the automotive shop director Jan Hanrady. The boys there learned a thing or two on sandblasting and painting. The paint work turned out quite well. Thankfully under the pump gauges was a couple of area where the original paint existed. We were able to run a exact color match using those areas. Since then we have begun the reassembly process. We acquired oak boards for the running boards and those are currently being fabricated. We retooled the original metal tins and trim, so those will be reapplied with stainless steel fasteners. The dash and trim is back in. More photos to follow!
  5. Looking at the photos of this BG, I see that the coil is on the cab side of the firewall, since the coil wire goes through a grommet. Ours was zip tied to the firewall on the engine side. I asked for a photo from the owner through E Bay but never received a response. Does anyone on here have an idea as to the proper mounting of the distributor coil?
  6. That I figured out reading into the website. I have called and left a message.
  7. well...joe@sirenman.com nor john@sirenman.com seem to work. Guess I will have to try the phone number!
  8. Sent an email to the sirenman. On the website, it has his name as Joe Dorgan, not John Dorman. Sent an email to the sirenman. On the website, it has his name as Joe Dorgan, not John Dorman.
  9. First I heard of this gentleman. I will certainly inquire! Thanks sir!
  10. Almost. Not a sterling though. Its close! Sent from my SAMSUNG-SGH-I747 using Tapatalk
  11. Got my subscription...cant wait to get it in the mail!
  12. Siren Help! Looking to see if anyone may have some knowledge as to where I may be able to locate a Sterling Siren as depicted on the images. I was a week late in acquiring one from ebay Damn it! Looking at the original factory photos, I believe this is the type that was mounted to the rail on the drivers side. Thanks!
  13. I certainly didnt see those nice views whwn I was in st Petersburg or in vyborg! Sent from my SAMSUNG-SGH-I747 using Tapatalk
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