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Do macks have a standard size bearing and spindle for different weight front axles?


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I have a dilemma I wanted to convert my front Dayton hubs to hub piloted front wheels I called gunite and told them my hub number and they came back with a HF819K hub for the conversion. I shopped around and got a great deal on the hubs they arrived and are the same size length wise but the bearings and races are considerably larger and wider. The new hubs take a 555S outer and a 6461A inner bearing which is for a considerably larger spindle where the old daytons took a bower 3877 outer and a bower 3982 inner bearing. My truck has a 10500 pound front axle which has a smaller spindle and bearing combination is there a place to find out which mack axle spindle uses these larger bearing combination where I could get a used axle beam instead of returning all these parts I cant believe gunite was so far off on their conversion. When I gave them the hub number cast into one of the spokes they even said it was their number they made the hub for mack and the HF819K hub was a direct replacement any suggestions here is a picture of the size difference between the outer bearings the smaller being the one off my truck.?


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Don't know why parts guys can't help you out. Gee....their job is to sell parts???

Open up this page and scroll down and there is a conversion link. I didn't try it to see if it works correctly because I don't know all the specs of your truck.


Good luck with your swap and pictures please


It doesn't cost anything to pay attention.

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The gunite people were the ones that gave me the incorrect hub number to begin with that is what that link is for mine didn't cross so I called the headquarters 50 miles west of me. I cant get a straight answer when I tell the parts guys the size of the bore of the bearings as to which axle they will fit that go into the hubs I have some parts guys that are great some that don't want to be bothered maybe its a time issue where they have better things to do. Fact is I now have two new hubs that wont work plus the studs that go into them about 650 dollars worth of parts which I stand to loose over a hundred dollars on with return shipping and restocking fees so the axle swap is more economical I should have done it that way to begin with and I would have been money ahead.

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