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1963 Mack C Model C-85 For Sale


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For Sale: 1963 Mack C-Model pumper. 707 Gas engine. Runs and drives well. Siren and lights function properly. 27,000 +/- miles. Equipment pictured is included. Figured I would try on here first before I put it on Ebay for sale. Open to offers. Feel free to message me for additional info.







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nice looking C model,Interested, looks like it has air brakes? does it pump ? tank hold water ? a gas 707? how is the underside?

power steering? body rust? reason for selling ,where is the Mack located and what are you asking for it? thanks in advance for the reply .

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Hello, Yes the truck has air brakes and a hand lever shaft parking brake. I purchased the truck off of an older gentleman. It does go into pump and I briefly pumped it from a hydrant. I was not able to get water from tank to pump and I am guessing the valve may need some attention, (shouldnt be too big of a deal). The pump could use a service as I dont believe the previous owner had pumped it much in the 15 or so years he had it. The tanks fills and hold water but some of the valves drip and need attention if you plan on carrying water around. The passenger side door needs a window regulator, I have sourced someone with several parts cache for this. The underside of the truck looks like a 51 year old truck, in my opinion. There are some weeping oil seals here and there but nothing too serious that I can see. As far as underside rust I did not find much on the underside of the truck. The body compartments have some rust on the forward walls from what I am attributing to wheel and tire water sling (typical spot for the C-Models) but the compt floors appear solid. The truck does have power steering. 12v Pos ground. Wiring is in pretty good shape as most all lighting and ign function. As far as price, I am entertaining offers, I am realistic on the price and will let it go VERY reasonably. She is not perfect, but with some TLC and the right collector / enthuisast she would be a great piece. Feel free to email me at firepipe62@hotmail.com and I will give you my cell # if you would like to chat regarding any further questions. Hope this helps, Jeff

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